WDS Series

Double Speed TEFC Cast Iron Motors

WDS series motor is cast iron motor with multi-speed, which is realized by changing the numbers of poles.

Product Details


WDS series is a cast iron motor with multi speed. The motor can have two separate windings or Dahlander connection. WDS series is suitable for fan drives with constant power, constant torque depending on the users option of load and control circuit.

Characteristics for all Wonderpower standard 3-Phase asynchronous motors Widely applied in general machinery and industries such as pumps & water treatment, road machinery, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, cement and paper-milling.

  • IP55 protection, Class F insulation, B Temperature rise, S1 duty,
  • Rated voltage 400/460V, Rated frequency 50/60Hz.
  • Operation conditions: ambient temperature:-20℃~40℃, altitude≤1000m.
  • Y-connection for motors up to 3kW and △-connection for 4kW and above
  • Cooling method is Ic411.