SSWE super-premium asynchronous motors

SSWE series super preminum efficiency asynchronous motor is complete new designed motor with cast iron housing.

Product Details


SSWE series super premium efficiency asynchronous motor is a completely new designed motor with a cast iron housing.

SSWE series three phase asynchronous motors are a completely new premium efficiency motor with a cast iron housing. The efficiency indicators are in line with IE4. Widely used in industries such as pumps and water treatment, textiles, cement and paper mills .

  • 11Kw-315Kw
  • 2 And 4 Pole Available
  • 160-355 Frame
  • IP55 protection, Class F insulation, B Temperature rise, S1 duty,
  • Rated voltage 400/460V, Rated frequency 50/60Hz.
  • Operation conditions: ambient temperature:-20℃~40℃, altitude≤1000m.
  • Y-connection for motors up to 3kW and △-connection for 4kW and above
  • Cooling method is Ic411.