Electric motors play a vital role in hydraulic system design to achieve functionality, durability and efficiency.

Wonderpower IEC standard aluminium and steel motors are widely used in applications such as hydraulic power units, hydraulic pump sets and cooling systems. There are many performance advantages in using Wonderpower motors for these applications, low vibration levels, low noise levels give higher reliability and a lower cost of operation. IP54 protection, class F insulation and IC411 cooling method.

In addition Wonderpower TSZ/ZY series of DC motors have a voltage range from 12V to 240V and a power range from 0.07Kw to 7Kw, class F insulation and thermal protection fitted as standard. Advantages of the TSZ/ZY series are high torque, low current and low noise levels. The compact design make these motors ideal for use with hydraulic power units in applications such as electric platforms and electric vehicles.